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About the District

     Districts are local units of government, first established in the Dust Bowl Era to work with farmers, ranchers and foresters; as landscapes have changed, districts have adapted, as urban and suburban communities also face natural resource challenges. Water quality and quantity, air quality, invasive species, habitat degradation and reductions in open space all affect land-use management in developed and developing areas. Conservation districts are helping to address these natural resource issues across the nation. Past research has shown that close to 70% of the nation’s conservation districts are involved in some form of urban and community conservation.                 

     These include soil interpretation and protection, urban erosion and sediment control, tree planting and invasive species management. Conservation Districts continually work to identify the needs of their local communities, work in partnership with others involved in conservation to set local priorities and develop action plans to solve natural resource problems. The delivery of these efforts by Conservation Districts allows citizens to manage their private lands for a cleaner, healthier Michigan.​     


 For more information about Michigan Conservation Districts, please visit the​ Michigan Association of Conservation Districts. ​​     

To learn more about the National Association of Conservation Districts, please visit theNational Association of Conservation Districts. 

Our Goals

  • Provide technical assistance and information to producers and provide conservation education for community with cooperating agencies

  • Provide communication and outreach to the Midland County community

  • Create and secure sustainable funding for programs for the Midland County community 

  • Provide affordable reforestation tree sales for the Midland County community 

  • Improve the quality of water, soil and air in Midland County through the implementation of conservation practices 

  • ​Increase board development and volunteer involvement 

Our Mission

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