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Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program

What is MAEAP?

The Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) is a free and voluntary program offered to landowners to pursue environmental assurance certification.

​ A MAEAP certification designates the property as being environmentally sound, and the landowner as a "top steward of their land." Landowners who are awarded a MAEAP certification have passed certain specifications in one of the following areas:

  • Farmstead 

  • Cropping 

  • Livestock 

  • Forest, Wetlands and Habitat


How does it work?

The purpose of MAEAP is to work with landowners to mitigate environmental risks from their property such as agricultural pollution, and to recognize them for their efforts. To complete the MAEAP program, landowners must complete four steps:

  • Attend an education workshop

  • Invite a local MAEAP technician to tour your farm

  • Implement practices recommended by the technician

  • Earn recognition for your work

All landowners who receive a MAEAP certification will also receive a sign for their property to post the designation. ​
​Site visits are completely confidential, MAEAP is here to help! 

Learn more!

To learn more about the MAEAP program, visit the link below.

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