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Hunting Access Program

What is HAP?

HAP is a incentive program to encourage landowners to provide access of their private properties for hunters.
​The program was originally established in 1977, and since then it has grown to encompass the entire Lower Peninsula and the eastern Upper Peninsula.

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How does it work?

  • HAP is funded through USDA grant funds given to the State of Michigan​

  • Hunters hunt free on HAP lands (hunters are still required to obtain a State of Michigan hunting license and necessary tags) 

  •  Landowners are compensated per acre based upon land quality provided. To be eligible for the program, landowners are required to provide a minimum of 40 acres. Highly desirable lands are those that include forests and fields.


Did you know?

Hunting brings more than $2.3 billion into Michigan's economy, creating a cycle that provides quality hunting and contributes to the professional management of the state's natural resources. 

Buy your hunting license today and be part of the economic boom! To learn more about HAP, visit MDNR: Hunting Access Program.

For hunting locations visit 

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